Foundation Cartier Showcases Work of Architect Junya Ishigami

Courtesy Jean-Baptiste Le Mercier

The first solo exhibition devoted to the work of Japanese designer and architect Junya Ishigami is currently on view at the Foundation Cartier in Paris. Combining a concern for nature with candid creativity, “Freeing Architecture” unfolds across the iconic Jean Nouvel interior as a layered landscape of models, drawings, and films.

Courtesy Luc Boegly

Having trained as an architect at SANAA before founding his own Tokyo-based practice in 2004, Ishigami—the recipient of the Golden Lion award at the 2010 Venice Biennale of Architecture—reveals 20 of his most notable architectural projects from around the globe. Ascending imposingly towards the gallery’s double-height ceilings, a comprehensive collection of over 40 large-scale custom models, which were conceived purposely for the exhibition, are accompanied by videos and sketches to document the projects at their various phases from ideation to realization.

Courtesy Giovanni Emilio Galanello

Assembled according to selective similarities, the numerous works are exhibited together in conceptual chapters such as “the world of childhood” and “the phenomena of clouds.” A distinct landscape is created within each room, enabling visitors to explore the exhibition along meandering footpaths as an endless array of perspectives unfolds around them.

Courtesy Luc Boegly

“Freeing Architecture” unveils Ishigami’s unique approach to architectural thought as it invites patrons into the artist’s imagination, revealing a multitude of poetic, profound worlds. “I wish to think about architecture freely; to expand my perspective on architecture as flexibly, broadly, and subtly as possible, beyond the stereotypes of what architecture is considered to be,” says Ishigami.

Courtesy Jean-Baptiste Le Mercier

“Freeing Architecture” will be on view at the Foundation Cartier in Paris through June 10.

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