Yayoi Kusama’s “Festival of Life” Showcased in New York

“Let’s Survive Forever” Photograph © Yayoi Kusama Courtesy of David Zwirner

A sensory showcase of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s iconic works is on view through December 16 across two of David Zwirner’s downtown New York galleries. Regularly attracting lines around the block with hours of wait time, the exhibition”Festival of Life” debuts a duo of Kusama’s Instagram-worthy “Infinity Mirror Rooms,” an assembly of paintings, and a string of sculptural installations, among other artworks.

“Let’s Survive Forever” Photograph © Yayoi Kusama Courtesy of David Zwirner

Peering through a pair of peepholes, one of the “Infinity” rooms, dubbed “Longing for Eternity,” invites audiences to observe a kaleidoscopic collection of light bulbs arranged in a hexagonal pattern that adjust in luminosity and hue to lend a seemingly ceaseless sensation. The second room, “Let’s Survive Forever,” is experienced from within and accommodates six viewers at a time. Inside, viewers encounter a series of stainless steel balls—suspended from the ceiling and arranged on the floor—that suggest a similar sentiment of infinity through the reflected interplay of their silvery spherical surfaces set against the surrounding mirrors.

“Longing for Eternity” Photograph © Yayoi Kusama Courtesy of David Zwirner

“My Eternal Soul” Photograph © Yayoi Kusama Courtesy of David Zwirner

Tiled in a tight grid across four walls of a substantially sized showroom, 66 paintings from the artist’s “My Eternal Soul” series, which was begun in the late 2000s, explore different abstract forms, subjects, and figurative features. The colorful canvases wrap the room as they provide a backdrop for a sculpture depicting individual flowers fashioned from steel with a characteristically vibrant palette.

“With All My Love For The Tulips, I Pray Forever”

A trio of fantastically scaled flower-potted tulips is set at center stage in the sculptural installation “With All My Love For The Tulips, I Pray Forever,” which envelops visitors in an immersive interior where every surface is peppered by Kusama’s signature Pepsi-red polka dots.

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