Design Museum Holon Exhibition Explores Relationship Between Sound and Design

Design Museum Holon’s exterior, transformed into a site-specific installation that exploits the capacity of its hollow Corten ribbons to function as echo chambers. All images courtesy Shay Ben Efraim

Examining the influence of sound on shapes, environments, and everyday experiences, Israel’s Design Museum Holon has debuted a new interactive installation that transforms the iconic Ron Arad–designed edifice into a musical arena, playfully exploiting the building’s architecture and the capacity of its hollow Corten ribbons to function as echo chambers in order to foster an immersive experience where visitors become composers. “Sound and Matter in Design” is on view through October 28, 2017.

Design Museum Holon’s exterior

Sound emanates from a series of approximately 100 speakers positioned throughout the museum, captivating viewers with a multi-sensory encounter that sways their individual perception of sound.

Arper’s Parentesit wall panels

Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina Arper’s modern Parentesit wall panels also take part in the exhibition, underscoring the contemporary dialogue between sound and design.

“Seeing Sound” in the museum’s Upper Gallery

The exhibition is divided into several sections, addressing sound through three different prisms: object, space, and environment. “Seeing Sound”—a presentation located in the museum’s Upper Gallery—was curated by Anat Safran, Lila Chitayat, and Elisabetta Pisu, and contains over 50 objects designed from the 1960s to the present, exemplifying the conceptual shift from object design to the design of a user experience.

“Seeing Sound” in the museum’s Upper Gallery

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