The Architectural League’s Folly/Function Winner Debuts at Socrates Sculpture Park

Designed by New York–based firm Eva Jensen Design in collaboration with Laufs Engineering Design, “Circle Shade – 2πR4” is the winner of the Architectural League of New York’s  2017 Folly/Function competition. It will be on view at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, New York, debuting on June 21 during the park’s annual summer solstice celebration.

Photography courtesy of Eva Jensen Design

The four portable shade structures respond to the competition’s challenge to create four portable, deployable canopy structures for flexible use.The minimal and clean design emphasizes transparency and versatility. Offering an unobstructed view of the park, Circle Shade – 2πR4 is comprised of three main components including a circular canopy, aluminum support poles, and cylindrical drum counter weights, with the ability to be customized for variable pitches to the canopy.

Photography courtesy of Eva Jensen Design

“A light and minimal tripod anchored to weighty feet lifts a circle shade radiating Socrates Sculpture Park’s character and energy of wheel,” Eva Jensen described Circle Shade – 2πR4. “As a constellation in the landscape, a playful composition of dynamic structures emerges. It alludes to delightful dancing discs, spinning shadows and captures cloud follies connecting ground with sky.”

Photography courtesy of Eva Jensen Design

An exhibition will be on view featuring drawings and models of various scales to complement the unveiling and offer a glimpse into Eva Jensen Design’s working process. Material and test samples will present the design’s founding principles and trace its evolution from proposal to finished product.

Circle Shade-2PiR4 Assembly from Architectural League of New York on Vimeo.

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