Hem Presents NYCxDesign Installation By Philippe Malouin

Stockholm-based design company Hem debuted an installation entitled “Study for Screens,” which was made in collaboration with London-based designer Philippe Malouin. The installation presents a visual research project by Malouin that was commissioned to explore screen solutions. Working with WeWork, the installation addresses the future of the office as a platform for creative, dynamic work.

Malouin created a range of quick sketch-model studies to start the design process of a screen for Hem, addressing elements such as texture, color, light refraction and reflection, soundproofing, flexibility, and weight. “Study for Screens is a series of visual notes, or three-dimensional sketches on what it means to separate spaces,” says Malouin. “There are many ways to separate a space, how do these techniques apply to the space we live and work in?”

Setting Malouin’s sketch-models against the backdrop of a contemporary workspace, Hem will showcase their latest collection of furniture alongside Malouin’s screens at WeWork’s Bryant Park location during NYCxDesign. Hem’s collection includes shelving, chairs, sofas, tables, and flooring, which were created by numerous prominent designers such as Max Lamb, Pauline Deltour, Luca Nichetto, Staffan Holm, Sylvain Willenz, Karoline Fesser, and Philippe Malouin.

“The need for traditional office furniture is changing as workspaces increasingly cater to creative, independent professionals,” says Petrus Palmér, HEM founder and CEO. “As a young design company serving both residential and commercial clients, Hem witnesses, and drives this shift from a cubicle-centered environment to a label-defying, home-like workspace.”

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