Manitoga/The Russel Wright Design Center

Located on a 75-acre parcel of land in Garrison, New York, Manitoga/The Russel Wright Design Center encompasses the house, studio, and woodland garden of modernist industrial designer Russel Wright.


During the middle of the 20th century, while Wright was helping to shape the progression of industrial design in America with his popular furnishings and dinnerware designs, he was also steadily crafting a piece of organic modernist architecture—alongside architect David Leavitt—to methodically meld to its surroundings, while embodying a new iteration of modern living.


Established as a nonprofit organization and named to the National Register of Historic Places, Manitoga became a destination for design enthusiasts when the home, studio, and a large portion of the landscaped grounds opened to the public for tours, allowing guests to observe the site’s unique and strategically choreographed elements.


In addition to strategically positioned boulders, plantings, and stone terraces, the unique elements of the Manitoga include a cedar tree trunk that serves as both an interior design element and as the main structural support of house, as well as curated walkways that navigate the sequentially unfolding landscape with carefully crafted transitions.


A freshly launched artist-in-residence program that culminates in site-specific installations has punctuated the property with contemporary works that creatively respond to the unique site, while invoking Russel Wright’s legacy of creative experimentation and celebration of place. New–York based painter Peter Bynum was selected for the 2016 Artist Residency program, his installation includes a series of illuminated paintings on glass spread throughout Manitoga’s interiors.

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