Venturi and Scott Brown Honored with AIA Gold Medal

At the American Institute of Architects (AIA) national convention in Philadelphia this past weekend, Denise Scott Brown, 84, and Robert Venturi, 90, were both honored with the 2016 AIA Gold Medal. Scott Brown was present at the convention, received a standing ovation, and spoke for a few minutes. She is the first living woman to receive the AIA Gold Medal, and they are the first partners in practice to receive it. In her remarks, Scott Brown referred to the AIA’s change in rules for its Gold Medal, allowing partners in practice to receive the award for the first time: “Our little struggle; it was worth being a witch for.”


As shown on video screen, Denise Scott Brown, 84, and Robert Venturi, 90, received the AIA Gold Medal at their home earlier this week. AIA EVP/CEO Robert Ivy is at left. AIA 2016 President Russell Davidson is at right with Scott Brown.



Escorted by AIA EVP/CEO Robert Ivy, Denise Scott Brown receives the AIA Gold Medal from 2016 AIA President Russell Davidson.



Denise Scott Brown received a standing ovation



Denise Scott Brown briefly addressed the convention audience.



Denise Scott Brown, as seen on video screen, addressing the convention audience.



Denise Scott Brown at the AIA national convention.

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