Forecasting Color and Design Trends with Mohawk Group

Royce Epstein, director of the design segment at Mohawk Group, recently visited Los Angeles to deliver her “Color and Design Vision” CEU presentation to several groups of architects and designers across the city. Epstein shared her and Mohawk Group’s vision for color and design trends for commercial interiors palettes for the coming year, as well as presented concepts that have fueled the company’s product development, from new color additions to their yarn bank to concepts for entirely new products.

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When conceiving approaches for new products, Mohawk Group examines the world from a cultural context, studying social trends, demographics, and the economy. Their research extends to all disciplines of design—art, pop culture, fashion, and technology. It takes into account scientific, emotional, and spiritual perspectives, and consolidates them into four trend categories: Greater Good, Native Narrative, Interactive Adapter, and Life in Layers.

“‘Form follows function’ is no longer relevant,” Epstein says. Many people seek a sense of balance and wellness in their environments—particularly the workplace. The Greater Good approach created by Mohawk Group features soft colors, textures, and organic patterns that reflect this fundamental shift.

Greater Good

Counterintuitive to the proliferation of the digital world are the artisanal and handcrafted movements. Embroidered and tribal patterns in warm tones have become popular, as reflected by the examples in the Native Narrative concept.

Native Narrative

However, technology is ever-present in our lives. Interactive materials create a new language of patterning, and parametric design is prevalent. Mohawk’s Interactive Adapter concept presents digitally influenced colors and textures.

Interactive Adapter

In the end, design always comes back to nature. The Life in Layers concept explores biophilia, topography, and stratification, and expresses these notions through neutral colorways and metallic yarns.

Life In Layers

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