Archiculture: Capturing the Culture of the Architectural Studio

Ian Harris and David Krantz met while working at a San Francisco firm after graduating with degrees from architecture and landscape architecture schools, respectively. The two bonded over their desires to share the unique experiences of design school while communicating the value of design to the general public, which culminated in the production of the film Archiculture, and their founding of a production company, Arbuckle Industries.

Following more than 130 screenings around the globe, the 25-minute film Archiculture will be released tomorrow—Wednesday, December 17 at 12pm EST—in full length on YouTube. The film follows a group of students at Pratt Institute in New York through their final projects, and it takes a critical approach to the strengths and perils of architectural education. Thirty-plus additional full-length interviews—including subjects such as Shigeru Ban, David Byrne, John Cary, Michael Dukakis, and Kenneth Frampton— will also be available on the Archiculture YouTube channel.

Watch the official Archiculture trailer here.




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Still shots courtesy Arbuckle Industries.

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