Contract Visits InterfaceFLOR

Contract Editor in Chief John Czarnecki visit the operation at InterfaceFLOR’s headquarters and factory in LaGrange, Georgia, in early April. Here, he learned of new initiatives for the manufacturer of modular carpet, and met with John Wells, president and CEO; John Bradford, chief innovations officer; Peter Greene, vice president of marketing; Jennifer Busch, vice president of market development (and former Contract editor in chief); Mindy O’Gara, director of product styling.


MewallEditor in Chief John Czarnecki, at the entrance of InterfaceFLOR’s headquarters.

P1000318InterfaceFLOR’s Mindy O’Gara, director of product styling, shows two options in the company’s relatively new hospitality offerings.

P1000339workersWorkers inspect newly created carpet.


P1000355JenJohnCropThe past and present of Contract: Editor in Chief John Czarnecki (right) sits down with InterfaceFLOR’s Jennifer Busch, vice president of A&D market development and former editor in chief of Contract.


P1000364GreeneOakleyInterfaceFLOR’s Peter Greene (left), vice president of marketing, and David Oakey (right) in Oakey’s design studio. Oakey, who designs all InterfaceFLOR carpet, shared his design philosophy and insights on the evolution of InterfaceFLOR as a manufacturer of carpet primarily produced from recycled products.


OakleyofficeInside Oakey’s studio (above), a carpet in the foreground beautifully corresponds to the natural surroundings outside. Oakey recently designed this carpet, inspired by an illustration he had produced when he was 18.


P1000349mecarpetcropCzarnecki (above) inside InterfaceFlor’s recycling facility. The stacks of carpet tiles are all used carpet, and will all be recycled to eventually produce new product.

Carpet in the making from Contract Magazine on Vimeo.

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