In ‘Loo’ of Paper: Philippe Starck Launches SensoWash at Duravit Event

It was a full crowd at the Duravit showroom on Madison Avenue in New York City last night as the A&D community and media gathered for the manufacturer's exclusive United States launch party of its new SensoWash. Designed by award-winning designer and architect Philippe Starck, the shower-toilet (a fancy term for the paperless toilets that are common in European and Asian countries) has come to join Duravit's existing SensoWash Starck collection and features gender-specific washes, a remote-control flush, LED rim lights for wayfinding at night, heated seat, water-temperature controls, self-cleaning programs, and more.

Starck made an appearance at the event, donning cleaning gloves and a shower backbrush in hand. His unique and lively personality drew laughs from the crowd as he described his inspirations and philosophy of design, detailing how he and his wife race to use their one household Sensowash everytime they return home. "We are not meant to be glued, but in constant movement," he says of his product.

According to those at Duravit, there is a developing national market for such bathroom luxuries, but I guess only time will really tell if a shower-toilet will be the next big rage in upscale interior environments in the United States. What do you think? Can you see any of your design clients catching on to this trend?

–Stacy Straczynski

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