Video: ‘Raise the Roof’ for Domestic Manufacturing

Let’s face it: the economy has been pretty quiet the last few years. Isn’t it time for America to start making some noise? As an American manufacturer (and fourth generation, family-owned company), Mannington seems to think so! The flooring company recently launched “Let’s Make Some Noise” campaign—complete with an engaging video—that highlights the importance of domestic manufacturing on our economy and the impact that job creation has on our communities at large.

A spokesperson at Mannington shared with me that response to the video from a February-held council of healthcare designers was quite positive, the professionals stating that “domestic manufacturing is incredibly important when they're choosing which products to specify. In fact, one said that it's as important to her as recycled content!”

Does domestic manufacturing play a key role in your selection of products? Can the A&D community be doing more to keep business within the U.S.?

–Stacy Straczynski

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  1. Stacy,

    This is awesome!
    The messaging is profound and something I think all businesses in the U.S. could embrace. Let's stop being scared and quiet, and make some noise! We have a lot of incredible products, services and life skills to offer. Let's do it!

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂