Winter Blues: How Are Those New Year Design Inspirations Coming?

Well, we’re quickly moving into the New Year (which I believe is meant to be synonymous with resolutions, diet fads, “what’s going to be hot” lists, and a whole lot of get up and go)! It sure is invigorating, but when you live in a city where winter is characterized by sub-zero temperatures and buckets of snow, as I do here in Chicago, you may just feel like hibernating.

In an effort to rectify those dreary, and less-than-inspired desires, I thought I’d offer up a few of my go-to sources (listed alphabetically) for keeping my mind alert and my design juices flowing, The best part? They’re only a point and click away.

DesignerPages 3rings
An extension of the A+D search platform Designer Pages, 3ring provides daily reviews on the newest and trendiest products in the design world. Follow @designerpages (!/designerpages).

Print Imprint
As Print Magazine’s design blog, Imprint functions as my daily reminder to continue developing a graphic language in my sketch book, and it extends my view of the design world beyond the built environment. Follow @Printmag (!/printmag).

This is my absolute favorite twitter feed related to the A+D Industry. The feed sends out any and all relevant information pertaining to industry events and trends, plus it feels fun and personal. Follow @IIDA_HQ (!/IIDA_HQ)

BruceMauDesign BMD Love Blog
From the collaborative studio of Bruce Mau Design, this very fun TumblR page is filled with links, pictures, quotes, and videos that never fail to make me smile. Follow @brucemaudesign (!/brucemaudesign).



What Web sites, tweets, feeds, and blogs provide you with daily design inspiration? What makes them so special for you? Share the with me in the comments below!

–Brittany Hahn

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