Designer Patrick Jouin Gives Us Light

Reed Lights. Camera. Action! Before anything can really begin (including major motion pictures, retail store openings, and our basic workday), we need light. And, as those of you in the design industry know, sometimes it’s truly all about the lighting.

Designer Patrick Jouin seems to know this better than anyone, with his recent lighting collection, Reed. The system of hand-blown glass tubes, which mixes LED and incandescent lamps, has been included in Jouin’s exhibit “Design & Gesture,” at the MAD Museum in New York’s Columbus Circle. Recently, the exhibit was extended through April 17, so for NYC residents, there’s still time to see this luminous display in the flesh.

6a00d8341ca6a453ef0147e29d9f4f970b-320wi.jpg The suspension and configuration of the glass tubes is astounding. The series itself consists of two suspended fixtures and three ceiling-mounted lights—all of different heights and widths. The frame is painted aluminum nickel and all of the lights are attuned to halogen, incandescent and LED lighting sources.

The pictures alone showcase stunning beauty and  intricate design. Where would you like to see these lights? In a boutique? Hotel lobby? Or have you seen the exhibit up close and personal? If so, tell us about it here!

–Heather Strang, DDI magazine


  1. Thanks for posting about this light fixture. The overall design of the fixture is very intricate and elegant, while the LED usage makes it eco-friendly. Thanks for the post.