Student Designers: Reflecting on 2010 Design

Happy_New_Year_2011_32582 So much for staying and getting to know each other, 2010. You were like a fly by night. Seems like one of the shortest years of my life but then again, I recall everything:

My biggest challenge was being a full time design student and working two jobs. Some days were 16 hours long, not including the time I had to spend once I got home to do homework. With late nights and early mornings, coffee became my "go to" pal.

My biggest goal for this year was to learn as much as possible and I'd have to say that I learned a lot more than I'd ever anticipated. I got a job on campus working in the open lab in the Art and Design department. The frenzy of finals for both last Spring and this Fall was like something out of a movie or newspaper article entitled "Students Race To the End. Who Will Make It?" Working in the lab I've had the opportunity to learn CS5. Illustrator is still on my list of improvements…I'll tackle that in the New Year.

I made a lot of new friends some of whom I can see being future colleagues. I finally had my chance to attend NeoCon, and what's even better than that was I was able to experience the entire show as one of DesignerPages Citizen Bloggers. Even better, I became a Design Student Blogger with Contract magazine's TalkContract blog! I learned how to screen print, improved my lettering, mastered CS5(kind of), attended lectures, attended one of the final Chicago Architecture Foundation tours as a part of the Around Chicago in 85 Tours, and, as I'm sat on a plane headed to see my family for the holidays, I learned that I'd rather wake up to rain on Christmas than a snow storm.

I could only imagine what great possibilities lie ahead in 2011! But I know the first task will be completing the holiday internship with MMPI at Merchandise Mart Chicago. This too I'm grateful for! I look forward to talking contract with you in 2011! Happy New Year everyone!

–La Keisha Leek

Contract magazine is proud to announce a blog installation from one of three guest design student bloggers. Lisa Backus, Brittany Hahn, and La Keisha Leek regularly will be writing and sharing their design experiences at TalkContract for the next year. Check back often to see what's the buzz among the next generation of designers, and be sure to share with them your feedback and design advice by commenting below.

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