Graphically Engaging

When you take two contrasting elements, say the colors black and white, and throw them together as a focal point, you typically are left with either a design masterpiece or an overwhelming hodgepodge of chaos. Both graffiti artist and graphic designer Jerone Erosie successfully combines these extremes in his Hooro Vaui-themed design for the Stroomhuis, located in the Netherlands and featured at, in a careful balance of aesthetic overload.

The Eindhoven-based multi-functional space features a 250-sq.-m. backsplash of intriguing “pattern on pattern” wall art, all carefully hand-created with paint rollers, that debuted at the Eindhoven STRP Festival, a cultural celebration of art, music, and technology.

Erosie told, “The section I painted is situated in the basement – a really nice place for crazy parties and events…I decided to incorporate the ceiling as well. Since the place is a platform for various parties and many different kinds of people go there, I thought my Horror Vacui theme would match the setting perfectly…The fact is that the context of images and visual clichés is so fractured nowadays, it doesn't specifically fit a certain genre of people. You can only really experience the image in real life, as you find yourself in the middle of a 360-degree artwork, and this only happens once in a while at a party.”

What do you think of Erosie’s design? Is it ingeniously bold, or is it just too haute to handle? Share with us in the comments below.

–Stacy Straczynski

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