Blurring Design Lines, One Farm/Restaurant/Hotel/Amusement Park at a Time

Oogstlg Imagine a place where you can take a vacation and eat farm-fresh produce grown on-location, all while riding a rollercoaster—what an interesting intersection of cross-disciplinary design!  We all know that architecture and design today is no longer black and white; the borders are fading into shades of gray. And one recently launched exhibition ingeniously is looking to explore those dynamics.

From December 11 through July 20, the Art Institute of Chicago will be exhibiting more than 30 projects at Hyperlinks. The works included in Hyperlinks make clear that by fostering rigorous cross-disciplinary relations, architects and designers are carving out new avenues for experimentation that are helping shape insightful solutions to urgent issues, ultimately enhancing the quality of our daily lives. Featuring an international group of architects and designers the show includes everything, from architecture and furniture to multimedia and conceptual design.

One of the more interesting projects, which comes complete with a preview video on YouTube, Oogst 1000 Wonderland, a self-sufficient farm, restaurant, hotel, and amusement park for 1,000 people per day. According to the designer, Frank Tjepkema, “Oogst 1000 combines extreme fun with extreme usefulness, and as such, is the first example of ecotainment pushed to the limits.”

I wonder what other interesting project combinations A&D will see in the future. Do you think the melding of design is beneficial, or too much?

–Lindsey Collier


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