Wild Thing

Nature is taking center stage this month at Humanscale. The office furniture solutions manufacturer is hosting its 10th annual Faces in the Wild online auction to benefit the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). This year, about 70 wildlife-inspired pieces of artwork are featured.

Some of my favorite pieces by A&D names up for bid are:

The Last Penguin
by Black + Blum, founders of London-based black + blum. How cute! But while this piece makes me want to cuddle up and watch “Happy Feet,” the art highlights a more serious theme—the precarious balance of nature and the intersection that mankind has now reached with the environment. Carved from aluminum.

by Scott Wilson, founder of MINIMAL. I love this ambiguous bird design. Upon a quick glance, the avian-shaped sculpture could be interpreted as a number of different things, such as a music note. Slick is inspired by the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and reminds us of the impact we have on our planet. Composed of solid, aircraft-grade aluminum, the sculpture captures the pelican’s essence with its minimalist design.

by Carnegie. Sustainability goes a long way, especially when being green comes in a fashionable and comfy seat. Here, textile manufacturer Carnegie features its new Spot On upholstery, made of 100 percent post consumer recycled polyester, with the fabric was designed by Louise Russell.

Wired & Ready to Roar
by Paul Ligniti. a New York-based architect. I’m drawn to the 3D, textural detail in this piece, and it looks to me a bit like jungle branches or a bouquet gone awry. Composed of scrap copper wire and copper sheet, the viewer sees the face of a lion when looking down at the sculpture.

Bidding will be open at www.facesinthewild.com through November 11, with a celebratory cocktail party in the Humanscale New York City showroom on November 18, where winning bidders can have their bids submitted by proxy. All proceeds to directly benefit the WWF.

–Stacy Straczynski

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