Music to My Ears

Grafflg Sometimes it takes a little more than talent to create something wonderful, and GRAFF is looking to help the younger generation realize their musically inclined dreams. The Milwaukee-based bath and kitchen faucet manufacturing company is continuing its support this year as a major contributor of La Musica Lirica, an internship program available to young singers, instrumentalists, and artists from the United States and abroad. Held in Novafeltria, Italy, the program helps students develop their talents, boost their confidence, and achieve their goals.

“It’s important for corporations to step outside of their comfort zone and broaden their horizons—it enriches everyone in the organization,” says Ziggy Kulig, CEO of GRAFF. “Whether or not you’re a fan of Opera, or just a music lover, everyone can relate to a young artist’s struggle to learn his or her craft,” he continued.

The five-week training program is designed for the technically trained, college theatre student who is looking to gain real experience working in an international touring company. Students come from Canada, Japan, Russia, Spain, Brazil and the United States to fill the 70 spots in the program. Auditions are held in large urban cities all across North America. The program employs an internationally renowned faculty of 26, providing a two-to-one, teacher-student ratio.

“For most of these musicians and singers, the opportunity to take part in La Musica Lirica is the chance of a lifetime,” says Brygida Bziukiewicz, Co-founder. “GRAFF has been a major supporter of La Musica Lirica for a number of years, and, as a result, many talented young artists have flourished through our program. Art simply cannot thrive without support.”

–Lindsey Collier

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