Stimulating Simulation

There's something new on the restaurant menu for today's hospitality students. Knowledge Matters has launched ProSim-Restaurant—an online business simulation of a restaurant where students get to make business decisions in a restaurant such as working on menu design, staffing, equipment purchases, restaurant layout, and how to run an existing restaurant or open a new one.


This virtual restaurant simulation was designed by Dartmouth College and Harvard University alum Peter Jordan to help students learn about the business of running one using a hands-on approach that is also fun and engaging. Ten lessons and two projects are offered and student work could be monitored by the instructor online. Students get to learn about different types of customers, pricing, and inventory. And take it from hospitality student Elliot Derricotte who started using it in the classroom: It's just more fun. It's like you're playing a video game to learn. It's just more fun than reading a boring textbook. ProSim has helped prepare me for the real world because it's a lot like working in a real restaurant. I got to do staffing, pricing, menu design, inventory; it really felt like I was running a restaurant."

— Jana Schiowitz, Hospitality Design, sister publication of Contract

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