A Touch of Retail Design Humor

StoredisplayVisual merchandising does not have to be elaborate to get the job done. Clever window displays that mix in a little humor work just as well—if not better—at capturing the attention of passersby. Case in point, the Hermès store near San Franciso's Union Square shopping district. While walking around San Francisco last week, this window display caught my eye among the overabundance of retail stores in the area. The witty display is simple with a twist of humor, showcasing product without being in your face. I love how it makes you stop and smile—and in my case, take out my camera to snap a few photos.

The lesson here is that a little humor goes a long way. People like to be delighted, so put them in a good mood, and they just may open up their wallets.


–Jessie Bove, DDI magazine, sister publication to Contract

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