Please Disturb My Design

By Vincent Grégoire, lifestyle director, Nelly Rodi

Our era is running wild. Nothing is hidden anymore. In plain sight, decorative guerilla tactics are pirating the codes of propriety. To hell with the cosseted discretion of conventional-minded petty bourgeois sitting rooms. Supercharged energy is intruding into a world kept under tight surveillance, where video cameras and scanners monitor our comings and goings.

Taking an oppositional stance to a culture of hypocrisy and exacerbated individualism, offensive postures are burning down the sheeplike order of a world petrified by convention. What is the new algorithm of our times? To be happy, let’s live exposed lives. Guided by a desire to transgress society’s diktats, the age of "entertainment for all" is bringing together exhibitionists and voyeurs.

Brands and magazines are tirelessly repeating, "Show me your interior and I will tell you who you are." The photographer Todd Selby excels at unveiling the private world of the planet’s trendy set. The spectacular, repeated metamorphoses of Lady Gaga, "the most influential artist" of the day according to Time magazine, both show and hide. In a radical vein, the hackers of rebel design are exploding style.

Creative destruction is slamming false values. Designers are outrageously brutalizing crumpled, dented, burnt, pierced and broken materials.  "I love chaos. I splatter the world with what pops into my head. Boundaries are made to be broken," claims the Belgian Arne Quinze, who has designed Cityscape sculptures and the décor for the L’Eclaireur store with wood slats and nails.

Countering the tyrannical demands of the cult of perfection, designer-activists are giving in to the charms of destruction and the beauty of imperfection. The architect Rabih Hage showcases a most inappropriate "Rough Luxe" in his chic hotels in London and Saint-Moritz. "Perfection does not imply the idea of beauty," he affirms. Between wrestling rings, dance floors w and peep shows, Eros and Thanatos lead the unbridled dance of overexposed desire. An ode to life, even of the most shocking kind.

Vincent Grégoire of Nelly Rodi will be speaking on the above topics in his discussion, “Please Disturb,” at the Maison&Objet Trend Forum in Paris,  September 3-7, 2010. Vincent Gregoire has headed the Lifestyle Department at NellyRodi for over 15 years. An architect and interior designer by training, he joined NellyRodi in 1991,where he developed the ground-breaking NellyRodi lifestyle publications that are currently circulated in 25 countries. Vincent is both the creator and curator of the NellyRodi Trend Forum at Maison&Objet each season.

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