Are You a Design Master?

It’s that time of year again. Yup, you guessed it: Fast Company has released its “Masters of Design of 2010” list, which features socially responsible designers who continue to meet the demands of the design industry and dynamically are engaged with the transformation of design. The Masters of Design of 2010 represents extraordinary people who inspire growth and beauty when faced with changing standards and expectations.
MOD-116-Urquiola-1 One particularly inspiring design pioneer to me is Patricia Urquiola (above), who is most focused on designing fresh, high-quality furniture that is not only sustainable but delivers more for people’s money, as well. She has a passion for connecting with her buyers and this has allowed her to make it to the top of Milan’s world famous furniture industry. One of her items that recently debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair is the Bend Sofa. It was recognized by international buyers for its innovative design that offers many options for use. 
Another master of design meeting today’s challenges is Walter Hood (right), who is breaking new ground when it comes to designing American public spaces. He is disgusted by the conventional standards of today’s parks and urban environments and he believes that people of every economic status should be given good things. He’s a visionary who goes beyond the expected in a compassionate and environmentally savvy manner while bringing new value and meaning to spaces that may have previously had none.

The Masters of Design is an empowering reminder that designers are putting extra effort into making sustainable and useful products and spaces around the world, even when there are difficult economic times. These gurus show that the demands of the design industry will never stop cropping up as our society continues to evolve but those who are determined to meet these changes are the ones who will be most successful.

–Tara Andreas

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