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Talk about a blast from the past—Costa  Sunglasses recently debuted a tradeshow booth that is more than 100 years old. The 20×30-ft. wooden structure, designed by Czarnowski, proves both attractive and sustainable, thanks to its advanced age.

Costa Sunglasses asked Czarnowski to create an eco-friendly design and they delivered, using salvaged and recycled materials. Czarnowski dismantled a vacant horse barn built 1910 in Glen Easton, W. Va. The barn's still-sturdy pine, poplar, and red oak wood made ideal elements for the tradeshow booth construction.

The wooden frame evokes an old-fashioned riverfront home, complete with front porch. Czarnowski used interior elements of the de-constructed barn, as well, for a true vintage feel. A rustic pulley system salvaged from the old barn now forms a bucket-transport system between the first and second floors of the booth. Lighting fixtures and other antique furnishings embellish the area, including a replica Coke box for drinks.

The “homey” structure doesn't sacrifice modern amenities or environmental practices. It includes an entertainment system and bar, with spacious meeting and display areas. It is durable and sturdy, fit to withstand travel to various tradeshows. The innovative booth debuted at the American Sportfishing Association’s International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) in Las Vegas July 14-16. It will appear again at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (ORSM) from August 7-9.

“Our new tradeshow booth has its own set of stories and history before it even goes up at the first show,” shares Chas MacDonald, president for Costa Sunglasses, in a statement. “The granddaughter of the land’s original owner recently purchased the land back into her family’s ownership.  She plans to utilize the limestone foundation underneath the dismantled horse barn as the perimeter of their future home to be built on the property.” 

This attractive structure inspires as it captures the spirit of modern design- sustainability and modern amenities, paired with history and aesthetics. Contrary to the words of the adage, I'd say this is a case of in with the old and in with the new.

–Lillian Civantos

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