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LisaBackus_Headshot Hi, I’m Lisa. Since this is my first blog post for, I would like to quickly introduce myself. I am a recent interior design graduate from Michigan State University (I am  actively seeking employment at a commercial design firm), and author of a blog called Juxtaposition Design [link:]. 

One of my goals as a blogger is to start dialogue about design innovation and issues currently affecting the industry. Please take a second to comment and start a conversation and I will be back to reply to your comments on this page!
I also have a love for spaces that are not only designed beautifully and functionally, but also address some of today’s important issues. One recent example I’d like to call attention to does just that. The Town@HouseStreet ( hospitality project by Simone Micheli revives decaying storefronts and makes the owners of these spaces hoteliers.
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Project Info

Pilot Location: Milan, Italy
Conceived by: Alessandro Rosso
Interior Designer: Simone Micheli

The Goal: Find 1,000 shop owners all around the world and help them become new tourism entrepreneurs by transforming their spaces into PHS (Permanent Hospitality Spaces)
Each unit is fully equipped and the interiors are modern and bold.  Original photographs of Milan line the walls to enforce the close relationship between the hotel rooms and the city.  Each space is adorned with modern furnishings of a different color.
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Town@HouseStreet promotes economic change, helps the tourism market, and breaks typical hotel stereotypes.  Rooms are booked through a website and are then accessed by a keypad (there is no reception, lobby, etc.). Lastly, the immediate street access makes it easier for guests to feel like they are truly a part of the city.
Do you think this project helps promote change?  What would you do to help improve this concept?

–Lisa Backus, Contract magazine guest student blogger

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(Contract magazine is proud to announce a blog installation from one of three guest design student bloggers. Lisa Backus, Brittany Hahn, and La Keisha Leek regularly will be writing and sharing their design experiences at TalkContract for the next year. Check back often to see what's the buzz among the next generation of designers, and be sure to share with them your feedback and design advice by commenting below.)

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