Office Supplies in Design?
Who would have thought that the handy binder clip sitting on your desk would be the foundation for Softlab’s newest installation, “” “” will be on display at the Bridge Gallery, located on the lower east side of Manhattan. The opening event begins on August 26 at 6:00 p.m.

Similar to the design studio’s previous project, “Chromaesthesiae,” this new creation is unique and explodes with vivacious colors and exquisite shapes, as Softlab designers Jose Gonzalez and Michael Szivos once again utilize everyday objects in unexpected ways to produce a spatial and complex display. Consisting of over 5,000 laser-cut panels, the piece is held together only by binder clips and negotiates space in an innovative and organic manner. By using high-gloss photo paper as the primary material, the colors literally “pop,” giving the installation a luminous quality.
The trumpet-shaped forms explore the entire gallery space, allowing viewers to have multiple vantage points. By looking straight into the converging forms, the shaded colors spread outwards, and the seams in between the panels produce a quilt-like effect. (Take a step back and view the sides of the trumpets to observe the thousands of binder clips holding together this geometric wonder.) 

Check out this breath-taking installation and you’ll never look at a binder clip in the same way again!

–Zoe Namerow

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