Lucent Saddles: The Multitasking Product

Lucent Saddles
Lucent Saddles. The name brings to mind a technologically heavy take-off of Blazing Saddles, but the PATTERNS and 3form Advanced Technology Group’s groundbreaking new “product” (and I intentionally remain vague with the term “product” because Lucent Saddles easily isn’t squeezed into the restricting categories of the design vernacular) is more of an “origami, meets Legos, meets Aura Borealis” creation.

Lucent Saddles, blurs the boundaries between sculpture and light with its translucent color, organic materials, sheer textiles, and embossed textures. Glowing in turquoise and fuchsia, this modular light reflects the technological innovation 3form has become known for in its designs; the structure showcases 3form’s inventive rendering techniques, which give the product a whimsical shape and shimmering quality. Who wouldn’t want a light that looks like a sculpture, or a sculpture that offers light?

PATTERNS and 3form display this as an example of their ultimate goal—to create a line of products that are mass-produced yet unique, luxurious yet affordable, and beautiful with an edge. Their ability thus far to create a functional product with such distinctive sculptural qualities is certainly promising.

PATTERNS and 3form will display Lucent Saddles at the Austrian Pavilion Venice Biennale from August 29 to November 21. If you’re lucky enough to be in Austria for the exhibition, be sure to go and wrangle a glimpse for yourself! 

–Zoe Namerow

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