Design is Looking Up!

Light at the End of the Tunnel


Despite the harsh impact of the economic crisis, AIGA, the professional association for design, reports a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel for design economy. This tidbit of optimism stems from the results of the most recent Design Leaders Confidence Index, a quarterly assessment of the condition of design economy developed in 2005.

In comparison to the results of the previous quarter, things are looking up! Forty-five percent of design leaders say that they are more likely to invest in equipment purchases and 31 percent say that they are more likely to hire staff. Forty-seven percent believe that design economy has improved in the past six months, and 53 percent believe that the design economy will continue to improve over the next six months. What’s better than optimism?

These positive results from AIGA should be music to the ears of those us in the design world, and especially to design students, like me, whose futures ride on the success of design economy. The next Design Leaders Confidence Index will be released in October 2010. Cross your fingers that the results will be as promising as the last! 

The Design Leaders Confidence Index is conducted by distributing simple questions, for example, “How do you rate present business conditions for design, as compared to six months ago?” and obtaining answers from design leaders. Based on the answers, AIGA can adequately draw conclusions about the condition of the design economy.

–Zoe Namerow, editorial intern

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