Contract Magazine Takes Cover

RouseOI Contract captured a bit of the media spotlight this week when Office Insight (OI) released its latest newsletter issue. The top story on the online publication’s latest table of contents is a Q&A interview, by Brad Powell, with Contract publisher John Rouse. Rouse discusses with OI his background, Contract’s commitment to commercial design industry coverage, and the economics behind publishing the design brand, in both print and online.

Some questions he answers include:

* What do you consider the sweet spot of what you would like Contract’s reputation to be regarding interior design in the workplace?

* What do advertisers look at and what should they know about this self-perpetuating system when they make decisions on allocating their dollars to the industry’s publications?

* Are you happy with where Best of NeoCon is, and what would you like to see in the future?

Read the full Q&A at

Contract publisher John Rouse is an established member of the A&D media industry, beginning his “design” career when he joined the publishing staff of Interiors magazine in 1986. He then progressed to associate publisher (1992) and publisher (1994) and then changed gears to become publisher of Contract and Facility Design & Management (which has since closed) in June 2001. Contact Rouse or the rest of the Contract staff at

–Stacy Straczynski

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