Pick Up Sticks

Stars and Stripes

Today (July 15) the Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA) unveiled its latest art installation, Stars and Stripes by French artist Morgane Tschiember. The three-story, site-specific piece will be displayed in the center's Atrium A on Dania Beach, Fla.

The mobile-like display consists of brightly colored lines hanging from the ceiling in a scattered cascade. These 42 floating sticks are patterned with a subtle star motif that creates 10 planar surfaces on each 13-ft.-high stick. A shiny, high-gloss paint color allows the stars and stripes to overlap. The playful installation opens an International Design Series that will run at DCOTA from July 15 to August 14. The installation was commissioned by Charles S. Cohen.

“Tschiember’s pick up stick composition is an exultant tour de force design automation that routes relational meaning and perception through glossy,radiant color and sensuous shifting physicality recalling Craig Kauffman and John McCracken,” says Helen Varola, curator of the Cohen Design Center, in a statement. (Cohen Design Centers owns the DCOTA.)

Personally, I find it a little ironic that this American-inspired installation is designed by a French artist. On the other hand, France gave the United States one of our most iconic designs: the Statue of Liberty. And despite its American theme, Stars and Stripes is after all part of an international series. Either way, this beautiful exhibition illustrates that architecture and design are universal.

–Lillian Civantos

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