Design Students Set Sail


A design-oriented trip to the Greek islands? Sign me up! A nine-day design workshop will take place on the Greek island of Imvros/Gökçeada from August 7 to 15. The international workshop, called traveltime, is open to 20 participants who are students of architecture or design.

The intensive workshop will explore the relationships between theory and practice, focusing on the unique history, geography, and culture of the region. Planned events cover a wide range of topics, with daily performances, readings, and discussions on diverse fields such as art, music, gastronomy, philosophy, and literature. The workshop schedule also allows plenty of time to explore the scenic island. Some of the featured events include field work at various sites around the island, and talks with such titles as "cinematographic space-time"; "postcards between times"; "gastronomical narratives on the island"; and "spatiotemporality of music." (In my opinion, these wide-reaching talks show design's universal character. All of these varying fields can inspire and inform design.)

The workshop's title, traveltime, refers to the unique spatiotemporal position of the island. Imvros/Gökçeada has had a history of migration, tourism, and exile. Its population has fluctuated over time, influenced by seasonal travel, local festivals, and migration caused by a now-closed prison on the island. The workshop Web site explains, "This workshop will provide an opportunity to consider these different acts of travel that suggest different time frames in which one experiences a place."

The workshop also includes plenty of trips to the beach.

All events are conducted in English, and architecture students worldwide are eligible to attend. To me, this sounds like the ideal design-friendly summer vacation.

–Lillian Civantos


  1. Dear Lillian,
    Thank you for your post and the nice comments. I am one of the organisers of this workshop and I have to add that the island of Imvros/Gökçeada is not actually a Greek island but it is inside the borders of Turkey. Although most of the Greek population had to immigrate from the island in the 1960s, there are still Greeks and Turks living on the island and many second generation Greeks visit the island every summer in August for Festivals. All these make it interesting for us to explore in the workshop.
    I hope others will be excited to share this experience with us.
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this great post. Students of architect and design gets lot of knowledge for this great workshop. It will be exciting on one hand and also students can share their experience and knowledge with the best people of architect and designs.