There’s No ‘Place’ Like ‘Textiles’

Hacienda Collection

I fell in love today.

Not with a person, but with the warm and beautiful fabrics in Place Textiles' newest collection, Hacienda. The five fabrics in the collection are as lovely as the locations that inspired them.

While visiting the company’s New York City showroom today at the D&D building, founder and designer Kristie Strasen shares that each of her collections is based on some location she has traveled—hence the name Place Textiles. Past lines include the "California Collection" and "Italian Gardens." The newest line, her sixth, draws on the rich past of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Strasen describes the town's historic 1600s interiors as "austere, but overlaid with just a little of that European Renaissance grandeur." The gorgeous fabrics capture elements of the Spanish-colonial town in durable, versatile material.

Of the five fabrics, "Veracruz is the star of the collection," says Strasen. And I agree: This pattern particularly stole my heart. It is a double-sided cloth of soft knitted wool paired with 100 percent linen. The fibers are stitched together in an innovative way that pulls a scrolled pattern of wool through to the linen side. The inviting colors range from elegant blue-gray Vapor to sunny, soft yellow Husk.

The shimmery Retablo line ups the glam factor, infusing 100 percent linen with metallic strands; while chameleon-like Córdoba looked subtly chic with chenille on linen warp. Others include the patterned Luz line and simple but stunning Santiago in pre-washed 100 percent cotton.

Also of note: This is an exciting time at five-year-old Place Textiles—several of their fabrics have been accepted into an alliance with Herman Miller and will be available there beginning Fall 2010.

It seems I'm not the only one in love with the designs at Place Textiles.

Veracruz Mix
(My favorite: the Veracruz pattern)

–Lillian Civantos

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