The Fashion of Architecture

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The Thakoon Autumn Winter 2010 Runway Show at Manhattans’ Eyebeam art and technology center received an added dose of style from the stage designs by New York-based Lot71 founder and creative director Michael Brown. The project, which was recently added to aimed to supplement Thakoon’s Fall 2010 collection with a spectacular backdrop of architectural curves and arches.

Together, the design team transformed Eyebeam stage into a warm and enveloping yet elegant area to highlight the runway collection. Set along the runway were three large arching fabric skinned structures. Each was lit from within to form a set wall and provide an eye-catching curved glowing entryway for the models. The soft elegance of the final design created a perfect backdrop to the pieces on display.

I loved the innovative use of light itself as a neutral tone to offset the models. The stage design never detracted from the main focus on fashion, but still paid strong tribute to the distinctive artistry of its creators. This design was subtly a show-stopper.

–Lillian Civantos

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