Mad Hatter?

Hare Swing blog

It looks like Alice finally caught that rabbit – the Hare Swing by Cumulus is definitely right out of somebody's Wonderland.

Designed by Adam McEwen, this 27-in. cast urethane swing sculpture would be eye-catching in anyone's yard. It falls somewhere between whimsical and weird, and evokes thoughts of an old-fashioned butcher. Tasty.

The apparently trussed-up animal comes in pink, green, blue, black, or white. (Beware, the pink model looks like it's been skinned and left on your front lawn to dry.)

It's not all peculiarity though—this swing is marvelously creative and a sure-fire conversation-starter. It might be just the right note to lend interest to an otherwise blasé school playground, or even your backyard. And for the quirkily-inclined, that might just be cause for the right kind of wonder.

–Lillian Civantos

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