Architecture and Design Take London by Storm

Those brilliant Brits are notching up their love of architecture to a new level with the fourth biennial London Festival of Architecture, to be held from June 20 to July 20. The month-long festival includes over 300 events throughout London: tours, exhibits, and classes.

While walking and biking tours seem standard fare for an architecture festival, but London gives it a new twist with the Midsummer Madness biking tour. Held on the midsummer solstice, the tour starts at 2 a.m. local time and allows participants a night-time opportunity to see architecture in some of London's busiest areas, without battling crowds. The tour highlights Greenwich, Primrose Hill, and Bankside, and includes a 3 a.m. coffee stop (obviously, a must for biking night owls!) at the historic Bar Italia in Soho, and ends with a special breakfast for bikers.

The Dogs for Architecture! tour is quirky nod to furry friends: only dog-owners need apply for the tour, which highlights dog-friendly design via gardens and observation of the city skyline.

Other innovative approaches to the world of design include the "Pimp Your Pavement!" event, a tour of private vegetable gardens in London that encourage sustainability, and the "Sugar Cube, Tate Modern" exhibit, where artist Brendan Jamison displays his scale model of the iconic Tate Modern Museum, made from approximately 80,000 sugar cubes. Best of all, Jamison will offer classes on scale construction, so you too can create a sugary masterpiece.

These are only a few of the fantastic events planned. Visit the London Festival of Architecture website at for more excellence in all things architecture.

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–Lillian Civantos

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