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While tables most of the time serve a functional purpose—such as providing a level platform to eat dinner or work—Ball-Nogues Studio (BNS) is calling attention to this timeless furnishings’ more socially attractive qualities.

In a very progressive design, the Los Angeles-based integrated design and fabrication practice collaborated with UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design, the Herb Alpert School of Music, and UCLA Design Media Arts to create The Table Cloth, an architectural installation. Located in the courtyard at Schoenberg Hall at the Herb Alpert School of Music, it is composed of hundreds of intertwined low-styled coffee tables and three-legged stools, which drape over the eastern wall of the courtyard, much like fabric, and sprawls out onto the ground below.

The design is meant to serve as a backdrop for not only daily social interactions (symbolically representing how tables are at the center of social and family gatherings) but to an in-the-round performance space that features two configurations: a stage with removable platform and no stage. Conveniently, The Table Cloth simultaneously provides ample seating space for the venue.

“As a visual concept, the installation serves as a symbolic gesture of sustainability and a poetic reminder that the buildings and pavilions we construct although seemingly timeless, are actually impermanent: frozen moments in an ongoing flow of products and materials,” reads the description at 

The project officially opened on April 26 with a musical performance by Herb Alpert School of Music. Eventually, The Table Cloth will be dismantled and the tables and chairs will be given away to the UCLA community.

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–Stacy Straczynski

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