Setting Wheels in Motion

20100503 pavilion2 Cyclists and Lance Armstrong diehards, get ready. BIG architects has just finished construction on the Danish Pavilion, and it is absolutely breathtaking! Advocating sustainable transportation at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the structure is a circular loop capped with a rooftop garden.

It is made of white painted steel, which will reflect heat during Shanghai’s summertime. With wide spacious stairs and bike paths, the Pavilion can accommodate around 300 bicycles. A light blue surfacing material that is used on Danish cycle paths runs throughout the Pavilion. Simple and modern, the Pavilion uses interconnected loops to create a double path, one for pedestrians, and one for the cyclists.

The loop has a punctured exterior to allow daylight to pass through during daytime, while at nighttime, it is entirely lit 20100503 pavilionup to present a sparkling appearance.

At the bottom sits Copenhagen’s statue of H. C. Andersen’s Little Mermaid amidst a pool of water. In humor, BIG founder Bjark Ingels comments in a statement that it would be more sustainable to move the statue to the Chinese rather than the Chinese to the statue.  

I’ll see you there with my helmet and training wheels!

–Gillian Wong

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