Recycled Skateboards for Retail

Skateboards Creativity is truly a form of genius. Recently, I came across one of the coolest design ideas ever. And when I say “ever” – I mean in, like, the history of the world (insert valley girl accent here).

Art of Board (AOB) is merging recycling with design by using scraps from broken skateboard decks for retail design. What?! Recycled skateboards for retail? Seriously, these people are brilliant.

In addition, AOB launched I Ride I Recycle, the first-ever skateboard deck recycling organization. The new organization is approaching skateboard shops, manufacturers and skaters themselves to ask for donations of broken or unwanted decks. So, not only is AOB filled with creative geniuses, they’re saving the planet, too. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing better.

Designs include everything from picture frames to mirrors, coasters, tables, mosaics or the recently designed kitchen backsplash for a LEED-certified recording studio in Hollywood and a wall surface in a hip surf shop in Ocean City, Md.

Imagine the uniqueness of every design, not to mention the bragging rights of saving the planet and looking cool while doing it.

I’m consistently amazed, impressed and in pure awe of what people are capable of when it comes to giving our planet love. Something as simple as old skateboards has now morphed into an ultra-hip way to design our spaces and keep our landfills less full. Divine!

Tell us about designers you know who are equally talented. Leave your comments here!

–Heather Strang, Display & Design Ideas

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