TVs Become Tiles: EcoMarmo by Marca Corona

6a0120a5bbe4e3970b01310fc80110970c Italian tile manufacturer Marca Corona has introduced a beautiful new porcelain tile product with an intriguing story: these tiles, known as Eco Marmo, are made from recycled television parts!  This is truly intriguing, especially since the main ingredients of porcelain tile are typically sand and minerals from the earth such as feldspar, all natural.  It is rather incredulous upon first hearing that tile can be made from TVs. However, Marca Corona has derived a way to recycle glass from the cathode ray tubes of the unwanted TV sets and use it as raw material for their new line of tile. The TV sets are procured locally in the Sassuolo region of Italy, and thirty television sets yields approximately 230 sf of tile – impressive! The TV glass contributes 40% post-consumer recycled content, and Marca Corona also recycles 40% of water used in the production of the tile.  This tile line bears the Ecolabel certification, which is a European standard concerned with a product's low environmental impact.

The Eco Marmo collection has the look of natural travertine, and comes in three colorways (beige, white, and gold).  There are two finishes: natural (honed), and reflex (polished), and both have a slip-resistant texture.  The tiles are available in large format, ideal for architectural projects of a grand scale. (In fact, the ubiquitous 12"x12" tile isn't even an option – sizes are 18"x18", 12"x24", 18"x36", and 24"x24").   This tile is brand new in the USA, just now making its way to our shores.  It was first introduced in Italy in the Fall of 2009, and will now be available in the US imminently.  Prices to the trade are typical for Italian porcelain tiles, ranging between $7 – $9 sf.

— Royce Epstein. From the Repeat.No Repeat blog

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