Secret’s Out for Hilton

20100428 Hilton Worldwide logo Hilton Worldwide has revealed LightStay, a sustainability secret it has kept for two years. After a long bout of internal testing, it has been unveiled that LightStay has saved more than $29 million in utility costs in 2009. The system records a running account of energy and water use, and waste and carbon outputs at the properties, and computes their causes across 200 operational practices.

Thirteen-hundred Hilton Worldwide properties, all of which used the system, saved enough energy to power 5,700 homes annually, enough water to fill more than 650 Olympic-size pools, and lowered their carbon footprint to the equivalent of removing 34,865 cars from the road. Hilton Worldwide properties that have been using LightStay have reduced their energy use by 5 percent, their carbon output by 6 percent, waste output by 10 percent, and water use by 2.4 percent compared to the previous year.

LightStay also helps Hilton Worldwide’s guests to evaluate their own sustainability practices by calculating the environmental impact of each business meeting or conference. By the end of  2011, all of Hilton Worldwide’s 3,500 properties will be using LightStay.

— Gillian Wong

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