“Rematerial” Investigates Waste in Design

Before you throw out that used paper plate or Styrofoam bin, you may want to consider another use for it. Rematerial, the new book by architect/photographer/editor Alejandro Bahamón and painter/photographer/videographer Maria Camila Sanjinés, will teach you that one man’s waste is another man’s design materials. The book features tons of projects that have taken recycled objects, from paper cups to cargo containers, and utilized them in efficiently and sustainably-designed buildings.


Rematerial is also jam-packed with photos of such achievements, including projects of the Rural Studio, REFUNC, and Dan Rockhill, among others. It includes a series of initiatives as well, all of which promote the use of these recycled materials in architecture and design.


The movement—of the use of waste in architecture—has consistently picked up steam alongside the “green” movement, and this book offers both industry insiders, like builders, architects, and designers, and the general public the opportunity to hop on board and learn how to participate or just become informed.


Bahamón has authored numerous books before on the subject of contemporary architecture, while Sanjinés, along with her art, edits illustrated design and architecture publications. All 340 pages of Rematerial hit stores June 21.

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