Reinventing the Wheel

By Gillian Wong

If anyone can reinvent the wheel, it might be these two—Anne Conte and Jeanne Wiley recently created the “Woven Car” in Cohasset, Massachusetts. DuPont supplied them with sheets of DoPont Corian Oat and Corain Cocoa Brown from its Terra Collection to remake the interior of an old, rusted MG Midget. The eco-friendly project is being exhibited at the South Shore Art Center, as a part of the Media Mix exhibition.

20100421 woven car 2

The car is made entirely by sustainable, recycled, and overstock materials. Golden seatbelts were woven to make the checkerboard pattern bridging the car’s body, and 500 yards of webbing was used to cover the car itself. Live flowers were dipped into paper clay to create the car’s stick shift, and the tail lights are ceramic with orange, yellow, and red prints reminiscent of the ‘60s.

A unique, eco-friendly car that crosses boundaries while remaining beautiful.

20100421 woven

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