Kimball Sees the Forest and the Trees

By Gillian Wong

Kimball Office is joining Earth Day Network in celebrating Earth Day 2010 (April 22) by planting 40 trees in 40 communities. As part of the global celebration of Earth Day’s 40th anniversary (founded in 1970), as well as Kimball Office’s own anniversary festivities, one tree will be planted in each region.

Every tree is selected specifically for the region that they will be planted in, to help guarantee the trees’ longevity and adaptation to the environment. By involving its employees in these sustainability projects, Kimball Office is making sure that its staff operates as a team.

Good for Kimball Office that their organization is following up on its policies. For a company that says it is “committed to sustainable business practices,” Kimball Office is making sure that it stays honest to its company’s core values, but also to the world itself. The rest of us could take a lesson from them.

For more on Kimball Office’s sustainable practices, click here.

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