J/Brice CEO Briefs Hotel Industry in Qatar

Jeff_Ornstein_RD Jeffrey Ornstein says that fashion and mood-evoking colors are driving hotel design.The CEO of J/Brice Design International recently addressed Middle Eastern hotel developers, owners, and managers in Qatar on what to expect for hotel design over the next decade. His advice:

* Fashion now drives hotel concepts and design, and the memorable hotels of the 2010 decade will be regarded for sexy sophistication, daring interiors, and mood-evoking colors.

* Successful operators who deliver on their brand and rein in costs will boost their bottom line.

* Ban the term "hotel design" and replace it with "hotel fashion." Design is too much about buildings.

* Fashion places all the focus on the guests and their social and cultural imperatives. Fashion creates guest experiences that resonate with today's traveler.

* Color trends to watch: bold reds and pure yellows, along with moss greens and lavender, especially in upholstery. For contrast, expect to see more charcoal gray. Textures will create excitement and fabrics as delicate as lingerie will be juxtaposed with metallics.

* People are traveling lighter and for shorter durations, demanding technology such as free wi-fi and a plethora of satellite channels.

* Incorporate green technology into the environment and the guests will reward you by coming back.

* Treat the ceiling as you would any other design surface.

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