Dietiker to the Rescue!

6a0120a5bbe4e3970b01347ff6e873970c-800wi.jpg Many furniture manufacturers rely on dealers and installers to provide delivery and installation services to end users.  But what happens when grand acts of nature impede your furniture delivery? 

Swiss manufacturer Dietiker recently had to go to extraordinary lengths, the kind you only see in action movies, to deliver an order of stack chairs to a hospitality client. For the first time in their 130 year history, Dietiker had to enlist the services of the Swiss Army to airlift the chair order to their client, who could not be reached due to closed roads. The end user was a Mountain Resort, and despite the road closures, the facility was in need on an on-time delivery. Therefore Dietiker devised a plan – to deliver the chairs via helicopter! Determined to bring Swiss Design (and Swiss precision timing!) to the forefront, Dietiker has shown that this is but one example of a company committed to its clients.

— Royce Epstein, Repeat. No Repeat Blog

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