Calling All Designers

Dwr My mother notoriously reconfigured and redesigned our family living room on a monthly basis. Some of us (namely me) found this behavior neurotic. My mom described it as a “creative” outlet and a good release from stress. In hindsight, my mom’s alleged neurosis could also have been an indicator that she should have pursued a career in design and not the medical field. After all, our living room did always look fabulous.

Today, having a flair for design can win you money or put you on one of those TLC design shows. And Design Within Reach (DWR) is counting on folks like my mom, along with design professionals, to enter their national design contest. The Design Within Reach contest asks participants to submit original designs of commercial, hospitality or residential spaces that include DWR products (very smart marketing, btw).

The winner will receive a $10,000 gift card for more DWR products (or to pay off their existing purchases, perhaps), will be the “star” of a DWR Studio event and will be featured in the DWR catalog and Web site. Entries must be received by April 30, 2010 to be eligible.

So, are you a designer or do you constantly redesign your spaces? If so, you could soon be a “star” and have $10,000 in products to design something entirely new. And frankly, you can’t beat a deal like that. Unless of course, you can get yourself on a cable design show…

What’s your most bizarre design project? Tell us about it! And if you enter the contest and win – be sure to report back here.

–Heather Strang, DDI Magazine


  1. Not as of yet, but the concept of opening up design to the masses poses an interesting proposition for professional designers. What does the A&D community think about consumers trying their hand at design?