A Glass Half-Full? You Decide.

By Gillian Wong

Architect Chandar Sitaraman from CS Designs speaks in a recently posted YouTube video about the importance of glass in green buildings, but you have to turn up the volume when you listen. His voice is rather hushed, and although he gains more momentum and volume the longer he speaks, it’s sometimes quite hard to figure out what he’s saying.

His brief spiel about the importance of green glass is not startling in any fashion. Many of the things he mentions are either common sense, or facts that we’ve heard before. Occasionally though, he manages to raise a point that you haven’t been paying attention to or have forgotten. For instance, that technology can help us access radiation levels from different angles, which can help architects choose the type of glass to use with windows.

“Borrowing the outside” is a particularly striking phrase that he uses. Green buildings are trying to do precisely that—borrow as much as possible from what already exists rather than using up new resources. When we borrow the outside, both the interior and exterior of a building merge, so we leave less of a carbon footprint and space is expanded. By bringing the outside in and the inside out, we are not so much disturbing our environment, but becoming part of it.

This is of course disregarding several problems regarding the usage of glass. Glass may not be practical in several locations, particularly since it can scratch easily. Perhaps it is necessary to make a second video, one to provide a more well-rounded view?

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