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Tronic studio designers Vivian Rosenthal and Jesse Seppi have produced a brand new digital sculpture/video installation at Hewlett Packard’s Palo Alto headquarters and, simply put, it’s wild.

The 60-foot long installation features a series of reinforced fiberglass panels that combine sculpture, animation, and interactivity to create a video wall on one side and, on the other, an incredible expression of architectural form.

“We were commissioned to create a large-scale sculpture and video installation that 'transcends technology and creates an experience that embraces the new' at HP's Palo Alto headquarters,” Jessi Seppi, Tronic partner and designer, notes in a statement.

Safe to say that the “new” has been embraced. Judging by the pictures (see below and, the installation will give any employees or guests of HP’s Palo Alto site the vibe that they truly are walking through the future. Tronic’s Web site states that the piece “allows visitors’ perceptions to change as a function of time, use and other external influences.” The colors and lighting change throughout the installation, which was designed to blend the line between the virtual and the actual. (A video of the installation at work may be seen at

There doesn’t seem be too much of a purpose to the entire project (although it is nice to see that somebody actually has the money to afford this kind of thing, given the sociopolitical climate and whatnot), but we’ll take it as HP putting on a smile and welcoming the future of design with open arms – and 60 ft. of reinforced fiberglass.

— Adam Figman

Hp installation

Hp installation 2

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