Ronis Showcases Chic Creativity at GlobalShop

By Heather Strang

GlobalShop is filled to the brim with creativity. From booth display designs to products to just amazingly talented people – GlobalShop has it covered. But, of course there are always a few items that stand out above the rest.

I fell in love immediately with Ronis’s booth display (check out the cool dog), and upon closer inspection found a plethora of creative gems. There’s the desk with a comic book painted cover, the mannequin with a ridiculously long arm (perfect for hanging clothes!) and the eye glass holders carved out to represent Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and one of my idols, John Lennon.

Upon further investigative research, I fell even more in love with the owners of Ronis – Paul  Zylberberg and his wife of 30 years, Monica. The two started the company in 1981 doing paper mache dress forms for the garment industry. Slowly, an evolution occurred and now they produce furniture, mannequins and a wide variety of props for major retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger and the like.

Today, it’s a family run business with Paul serving as the creative mind who quite literally wakes up with visions of a product (or a booth display as the case was for GlobalShop), and puts it into action.

To me, the Ronis style is urban chic. I love the use of pink, the clever design, including its functionality and the overall energy of their work. And, I’m not alone. Their goods will also be part of the new Pink store opening up in Soho this weekend, and I can’t wait to see all the creativity involved in that project.Stay tuned!

All in all, Paul says they aren’t afraid to do anything – he’ll say “yes” to pretty much any request! And he loves thinking outside the box; in fact, he says he won’t do the same thing as everyone else because it just isn’t his style. As I left the booth, more visitors came by to snap photos of the eye-catching display. I had to stop to confer with one attendee as we marveled on the pure genius of the designs.

Thanks GlobalShop!

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