Racy Restrooms and Bathroom Glamour

By Gillian Wong, Editorial Intern

When Las Vegas Weekly gave its opinion on what the top five nightclub restrooms were, they didn’t shirk from the risqué. Two bathrooms became winners because of their excessive affluence, but the rest were satisfying in a completely different manner.

Starting in Flirt Lounge, dark purple alcoves are swathed with matching drapery. The inlets circumvent what many call “the gossip pit,” under a glowing, lavender chandelier. Three television sets in the area feature just-covered Chippendales to get the ladies in the mood.


Meanwhile, in Vanity Nightclub, located in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the women’s room serves as a pamper party, a retreat from the sea of men waiting on the other side of the door. With six vanity stations (complete with individual plush settees) in a 2,000 square feet space, ladies can touch up their makeup with ease. And for those ladies who need to attend to their own business, more than a dozen stalls are tucked away behind a white tufting-patterned corridor, safely away from the noise. Waiting females can relax on two larger settees, while Sputnik-design cluster chandeliers finish off the look of glamour.

And for those looking for some playful restrooms, Playboy Club and Moon Nightclub (both present at The Palms Casino & Resort), Mix Lounge, and Déjà Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge hold the key.

Both Mix Lounge and Moon Nightclub play with a little taste of voyeurism. In Mix Lounge, one of the females’ stalls, as well as a separately placed restroom, has floor-to-ceiling windows. The men don’t miss out either, as their row of urinals faces a window that surveys the city below.

In Moon Nightclub, the décor plays with a distinct, modern feel, with a steel and silver color scheme. Every stall has floor-to-ceiling windows, playing with the adrenaline rush that comes with possibly being seen.

Back in the Palms Casino & Resort, the Playboy Club invites its clientele to look closer, particularly at its walls. A glass-bead overlay blurs the Playmates collage underneath, while mirrors, door handles and sinks are colored a chic, subtle black.


Finally, the Déjà Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge draws the club crowd into the restrooms. Although the restrooms are shielded with a semi-transparent waterfall wall, the cover is merely a courtesy. The restrooms are unisex, and LED lights bring the atmosphere into the bathrooms by changing colors inside the stalls. Don’t forget to lock the door of your stall if you go, as that’s the trigger that fogs up the glass doors—or do.



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